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Telemann Corporation is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters in the filed of communication.

Signal analyzers since 1990 here in Korea. Based on wide experiences in the area of signal analyzers, we have adopted a high-frequency circuit’s plan with high reliability and microprocessor technology and obtained excellent results for both TV signal analyzer and Satellite signal analyzer, which have simple operations, stable performances and various functions.

Telemann Corporation has been seeking a high quality product and fast warranty service based on the actual field experiences and the accumulated know-how and receiving a good reputation and trust from our customers in the world.

Telemann Corporation hold a top rank in the filed of communication signal analyzers such as digital TV signal analyzers, digital satellite signal analyzer and signal generator.

Actually, our signal analyzers are used for the installation and maintenance in cable TV, cable internet and korean digital satellite broadcasting as a standard unit.

Telemann Corporation continues to develop both domestic and international markets through a constant R & D and try to be a top company in the world.

Thank you.

CEO of Telemann Corporation


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